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Dydo Services is an online service located in California that provides California child support calculations using the DissoMaster™ program. The DissoMaster™ program has been used in California for over two decades and is widely used by California Family Law Professionals throughout the entire state. We specialize ONLY in California child and spousal support calculations.

We have over 17 years of experience using the DissoMaster™ program. We know how your information will affect your support payments. We have done over 20,000 DissoMaster™ reports for people just like you. This is what we do all day, every day. We do not just “check” our email periodically. Unless we are working on someone else’s case, we answer your email just like we would a phone call.

When you use our service our experienced staff will use over 17 years of know-how to provide you with a support calculation that is in your best interests. Let our experience with the DissoMaster™ program work to your advantage. We are aware of how entering the data will affect your support payment.

We understand what you are going through because we have had to go to court to have our own child support modified. Going to court is never a pleasant experience. In fact, it is our least favorite place to be.

To get a child support calculation you can call a lawyer and wait for them to call back or try to get a DissoMaster™ printout from the Family Law Facilitator’s Office. These can literally take HOURS OR DAYS of your valuable time.

Not to mention, we were always left with the nagging doubt that the numbers were run too quickly or there was something we forgot to mention.

We have had our child support payments calculated incorrectly because we weren’t asked the right questions. Therefore our support payments were not what they should have been. In fact, every time we had our support payments calculated, they were done wrong.

We would like to help other parents and ex-spouses find out if their support payments are on target. Maybe your support payments are reasonable, or maybe they need to be modified. Things are constantly changing in our lives. Your child support payments could be more or less depending on your current circumstances.

We want to give you a quick and easy way to find out. No hassles, no waiting on the phone or in offices and no strings. Just the information you need.

We use the information you send us to compute your DissoMaster™ report, and then we email your child support calculation report to you. Forget something? Send us an email, we’ll change it and send you another report at no extra charge!

We hope this provides a valuable service to you and removes a little bit of the stress from your lives.

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California Child and Spousal Support Calculations Professionally Done

We are a company located in California that provides child and spousal support calculations using the DissoMaster™ program. We specialize ONLY in California child and spousal support calculations. The DissoMaster™ program has been used in California for over two decades and is widely used by California Family Law Professionals throughout the entire state. All our reports are emailed directly to you in PDF format, usually within hours.

Our goal is to work WITH you to determine if your support payments are what they should be now. We don’t just enter your data into a program, we carefully examine your information and even run different scenarios to make sure that your support is best for your circumstances. We go over your report and try to find things that you may not be aware of or forgot that will make your support payment a better fit for your budget. Time and many other things will change the amount of your support payments, and they may be greater or lower than your last Court Order.

Your support payments could be off by several hundred dollars a month, maybe even more. Most of our clients save thousands of dollars each year by using our services. The only way to know if your support payment is correct is to run a current DissoMaster™ report. See what some of our actual clients save each month here on our Client Savings page.

By using our services you are not getting a “guesstimate” of what your support should be. You are getting the same calculation that the judge will most likely run. We feel you are entitled to get the same child support amount the Court would order, so we use the DissoMaster™ program which is the program used most often by California Family Law Professionals.

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We provide a comprehensive DissoMaster™ report, including:

Dydo Services provides parents and spouses a quick, easy and confidential place to find out what their support payment should be. We strive to provide all our clients with prompt, accurate and affordable reports using the California State Certified DissoMaster support calculator program. We dedicate ourselves to providing individual attention to each client in the privacy of their own home or office. We do every support calculation as if it were our own.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you find that once you receive your report you would like to make some changes, we will gladly make the changes for you at no charge!

***Up to 10 revisions to your report at no additional charge!***

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