What's Included

  • Child and/or Spousal Support Calculation
  • DissoMaster™ Report
  • Formal Report
  • Findings and Rebuttals Report
  • Child and Spousal Support Order
  • Annual Bonus Reports and Monthly Overtime Charts included as needed


  • Reasonably priced at $39.95 and convenient--completely online
  • Up to 10 revisions to your case free of charge
  • DissoMaster™ is approved for use in all California Family Law Courts
  • Quick & Easy - Emailed PDF of calculation within 3 business hours
  • Industry leader ~ over 20,000 reports over 12 years through our website
  • SSL protection of your information and payment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed—Even our clients with attorneys save money using our services


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The Dissomaster™ Program

The DissoMaster™ program is used by almost all family law professionals to determine guideline child and spousal support payments in the State of California. It has been used in the California judicial system for over 20 years. The DissoMaster™ program is one of the few programs certified by the California Judicial Council for use in making support calculations. It was designed by attorneys to follow the guidelines set out in the California Family Law Code. We always use the most current version of the DissoMaster™ available so you know that you are getting the correct support amount.

The DissoMaster™ program is also used to calculate the guideline spousal support amount in cases that may have just spousal support or involve both child and spousal support.

While the California Family Law Code states an algebraic formula to calculate child support, it is almost never used in actual practice. Since the algebraic formula requires the use of net income to determine the support amount, there is plenty of room for error when using the net income you think is the correct amount.

Net income on your paycheck is determined by a great number of circumstances, which may not reflect your actual year-end net income. That is why the DissoMaster™ is so important. It actually calculates the correct net income to determine the accurate amount of support.

Our firm has almost two decades of experience using the DissoMaster™ program. We have done literally tens of thousands of reports for our clients. This is what we do all day, every day. We do not just enter your information into a database and generate your support payment. Every report is carefully done by one of our staff who looks over EVERY line of your report and checks to make sure that the support amount is correct.

California Family Law Code 4055 states an algebraic formula for calculating child support payments:

(a) The statewide uniform guideline for determining child support orders is as follows:

CS = K (HN – (H%) (TN)

It is computed using the net disposable income of both parents. The items that may be deducted from the gross salaries are defined in section 4059. This is a complicated formula that takes into account the actual tax responsibilities and circumstances of each party.

We have never seen child support calculated by the actual formula stated in the California Family Law Code. It is almost without fail calculated by a program, usually the DissoMaster™ program.

The program most frequently used by California Family Law Professionals is the DissoMaster™ program. It takes into account actual tax liabilities and circumstances of each party to quickly and accurately calculate support payments.

The DissoMaster™ has been the standard for calculating child support payments for over two decades.

Our California firm provides child and spousal support calculations using the DissoMaster™ program. We specialize ONLY in California child and spousal support calculations. The DissoMaster™ program has been used in California for over two decades and is widely used by California Family Law Professionals throughout the entire state. All our reports are emailed directly to you in PDF format, usually within hours.

Our goal is to work WITH you to determine if your support payments are what they should be now. We don’t just enter your data into a program, we carefully examine your information and even run different scenarios to make sure that your support is best for your circumstances. We go over your report and try to find things that you may not be aware of or forgot that will make your support payment a better fit for your budget. Time and many other things will change the amount of your support payments, and they may be greater or lower than your last Court Order.

Your support payments could be off by several hundred dollars a month, maybe even more. Most of our clients save thousands of dollars each year by using our services. The only way to know if your support payment is correct is to run a current DissoMaster™ report. See what some of our actual clients save each month here on our Client Savings page.

By using our services you are not getting a “guesstimate” of what your support should be. You are getting the same calculation that the judge will most likely run. We feel you are entitled to get the same child support amount the Court would order, so we use the DissoMaster™ program which is the program used most often by California Family Law Professionals.


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